This photo was taken somewhere around eight years ago, when South Florida still had a “progressive talk” radio station. I hosted the morning show, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz was a fairly frequent guest.

Today, when Bernie Sanders meets with President Obama and then Senate minority leader Harry Reid, reports say that he may ask for the removal of Wasserman-Schultz as chair of the DNC.

The Senate aide noted that Fox News’ Chad Pergram reported that Sanders could ask for the removal of Wasserman Schultz in his meetings with both Obama and Reid. In a series of tweets, Pergram said “some Dem sources believe the key to getting unity” with Sanders after a tough primary campaign is “booting Wasserman Schultz.” Sanders’ campaign hasalso called for the removal of the co-chairs of the DNC’s standing committee on rules, Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy and former Rep. Barney Frank. The Senate aide expected that Sanders will present Reid with plans that would help him join a post-primary effort to unify the party.

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