Et Tu Jon Stewart

Talk about raining on our parade!

Bernie Sanders made my progressive dream come true by announcing his run for the Democratic nomination for the 2016 presidential race. And before I had a chance to dream about a Sanders administration, one of my other heroes shit all over it.

Jon Stewart started his program last night by demeaning and ridiculing Bernie Sanders as

  1. an unknown (despite his decades in public service in both the House and Senate)
  2. not serious
  3. having messy hair
  4. being a curmudgeon

Forget about the fact that Bernie Sanders has an amazing record of standing up for regular Americans, fighting for single payer healthcare (Medicare for All), overturning Citizens United and getting money out of politics, opposing the TPP and Fast Track, combating climate change, expanding Social Security, proposing more spending on infrastructure and less on defense, raising the minimum wage, and on and on….


Jon Stewart could have joked about Bernie Sanders in a way that was funny (that bit was most certainly NOT funny), and didn’t paint him as a joke. But he took the lazy way out, as the journalists he regularly lampoons do.

My favorite Republican, John LeBoutillier, joined me this morning. He actually agreed that Bernie Sanders has some great ideas, though said he thought Elizabeth Warren stood a much better chance of actually winning than Sen. Sanders. I agree. But Bernie is running, Warren isn’t.

Flashback Friday

Today, we went back to Sept. 15, 1994. Barenaked Ladies had just released their first full-length album, and were intent on conquering the US as they had Canada. They joined me on the air at KSCA -fm 101.9 in Los Angeles…

And finally….

My daughter Alison turns 16 this weekend. We’ll celebrate at the beach, and I’ll quietly be thanking the woman who gave birth to my daughter in a small town in Kazakhstan, and loved her enough to give her up. Read our adoption story here….