Earlier this morning, I put up a guest editorial from Jennifer Nix and Mark Myers that first appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle last week. Since the paper is behind a paywall, Jen and Mark gave me permission to repost “He Said She Said: The superdelegates’ outsize role.” Click over and read all about the Democratic Party’s very undemocratic dirty little secret (that’s not so secret any more!)

Jennifer Nix and Mark Myers joined me for the last half hour of today’s show to try to explain the history of the superdelegate, how and when they vote, and how we might be able to get rid of them!

Last night, all eyes were on New York,  as Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton met for the Brawl in Brooklyn, where Bernie took advantage of every opportunity to get his message across. Now it’s up to New York.

At the top o the show, we checked in with Keith Rouda of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee for an update on the Democracy Spring activities still happening through the weekend in DC. 

And finally, we ran late again today so we could fit in a Flashback Friday musical blast from my radio past. Today, we went back to January 1995 for the Dave Matthews Band‘s first Los Angeles radio appearance, with me at KSCA fm 101.9.

I’ll see you Monday right here, radio or not!

Today’s preshow music: