festivus (1)


It comes but once a year. Each December 23, people gather to air their grievances, show their feats of strength, and party around the Festivus Pole. Of course, we air our grievances here every day, but there’s something sacred sacrilegious about the traditional Festivus holiday that I can’t resist.

So, we extended the airing of the grievances to include our Oy Floriduh™ segment with Deborah Newell Tornello

Some of the FloriDUH stories today included

Port St. Lucie Woman Arrested Over Flatulence Fight with Husband: Police

Man Growing Pot Panics, Surrenders to Cops Outside Storage Unit

Ex-Employee Tried to Rob Outback With Water Gun: Cops

Accused drunk Florida boater poops in water, throws pot overboard during arrest

Accused Sex Toy Thief Told Cops He Was “Too Embarrassed” To Actually Pay For The Items

Obamacare Foe Marco Rubio Insured Under Affordable Care Act

In the second hour,  I was joined by an independent candidate for Florida’s open senate seat (the one vacated by Marco Rubio), Steven Machat. To say that he’s an unusual candidate would be an understatement. I really tried to give him the benefit of the doubt and allow him to just dig his own hole, but I couldn’t allow him to state fake “facts” (like Hillary Clinton should be in jail over her emails). 

But I encourage you to check out his website and decide for yourself. 

Tomorrow’s Christmas eve, so we’ll bring the ho ho ho tomorrow morning with Driftglass and Howie Klein, radio or not!