flat earth 2



So there I was last night unable to sleep yet again, when I decided to watch The Nightly Show. Larry Wilmore has really come into his own over the past year.

I knew that there were idiots in this nation who deny science when it comes to climate change, but never in my wildest dreams did I ever think there were still Flat Earthers. But, as I learned last night, they still exist, and they’re fucking batshit crazy.

To make matters even more insane, a group of these science-deprived morons descended on the YouTube chat this morning and got all mad at me because I used “Flat Earth Society” in the show’s title, but we actually talked about things other than their crazy beliefs. 
And I thought life couldn’t get any weirder than it already is.
Today was Driftglass Thursday. If you’re not already reading and listening to him, do yourself a favor and fix that. Driftglass’ blog can be found here, and the Professional Left Podcast that he hosts with his amazing wife Blue Gal/Fran is here.
In the second hour, Howie Klein of Down with Tyranny and the Blue America PAC. He told us about a few new candidates that Blue America has endorsed, including the brilliant Zephyr Teachout. And if you’re interested in Howie’s world travels, check out his Around the World blog. 
Tomorrow is finally Friday. We’ll wrap up the week with Julianna Forlano and a Flashback Friday interview with Jackson Browne from six years ago… radio or not