4-24-17 Monday Music

This past Saturday saw tens of thousands of scientists and those who appreciate science march for science; this weekend we'll march for climate. The two naturally go together, and will be the topic we explore musically today on Monday Music. Plus my 1996 interview with Bruce Cockburn, including a live rendition of "If A Tree Falls". Listen live from 3-4ET today. The music shows aren't podcast (for now). Stay tuned for details...

1-28-16 Nicole Sandler Show – Who Knew? The Flat Earth Society Still Exists

Nicole Sandler turns her attention toward the Republican lurch toward insanity. Driftglass has a few thoughts to add to that discussion in hour one. Howie Klein joins for hour two, and introduces us to the latest Blue America-endorsed congressional candidates. And Neil Degrasse Tyson takes on the Flat Earth Society.

2-4-15 Nicole Sandler Show – Wash Your Hands!

Nicole Sandler discusses the levels of absurdity to which today's politicians have descended, from waffling on vaccinations to claiming hand washing rules are oppressive. Susie Madrak of Crooks & Liars joins in. Plus CAF's Dave Johnson on the fight against the TPP and fast track and other actual important issues

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