right to healthcare




In case you missed my Twitter rant yesterday, or my detailed post of what had me rolled up on the floor in tears last night, but our system of for profit government-sanctioned-extortion-for-healthcare is just as broken as it was before the ACA became law. 

Yes, there were definitely some good things to come out of Obamacare. Doing away with the reprehensible “pre-existing condition” as a means to deny coverage was a huge leap forward for mankind! But we are still forced to purchase our insurance from a for-profit entity, and therein lies the main problem.

I wrote all about it here yesterday...

I was actually so sick from that experience yesterday that I was going to take today off. But this is exactly what we need to talk about, so I sucked it up and was able to hold my shit together, for the most part anyway.

But I’m about to head out for my first new patient visit with my new primary care physician (I LOVED my old one, but couldn’t keep her because … Obamacare….). Already knowing that it’ll be a hassle because my Florida Blue account is still FUBAR. But I’m sure I’ll have a story to share on Monday.

This morning, after reading his piece, Bernie v Media (which deals with this exact issue), I invited David Swanson on for a brief conversation about it all,  I read some email from listeners with similar horrific experiences, and then I opened the phones for your stories. 

The last caller was our friend Mitch, aka SnorkY2K from the RoN chat room. He’s a brilliant engineer with enough good ideas to save the planet, but he can’t get through to the right people! And he spent the last few years dealing with his wife’s debilitating illness that took her life last month. Now he’s trying to come up with enough money for her funeral. Please help if you can by clicking here. 

OK, wish me luck at the doctor’s office today…  In the meantime, watch the video below. It can soothe even the most savage of breasts (and beasts too…)