morning after debate



OK, so it wasn’t quite the apocalypse, but the world does get a bit sadder with each Republican debate. 

There was some apocalyptic talk, though. Ben Carson had perhaps the strangest answer of the night to the question about ISIS, “How do you attack a network that does not respect national borders?” Granted, an odd question, but the answer was other-worldly. Dr. Carson outlined his a sci-fi nightmare-fantasy  scenario in which the US is hit with an electromagnetic attack, which is quickly followed by a cyber attack, and then the unleashing of the dirty bombs. I kid you not.

This was a hard clip to find, as none of the usual culprits seems to have pulled it. So, go to the 14:36 mark in this video: 



On today’s show, we recapped some of the debate, including the Trump-Cruz clashes over Cruz’ eligibility to run and his dissing of New York… and Julianna Forlano joined in too. 

We had a Flashback Friday double-header today:

From 15 years ago tomorrow – January 16, 2001, David Gray from Channel 103.1/Los Angeles.  And from March 21, 2001, Jeb Loy Nichols. 

We have an epic week planned for next week, including the debate over money in politics — David Cobb of Move to Amend will debate Shaun McCutcheon on Wednesday morning. It will be fascinating, I promise!

We’ll be here Monday, MLK Day, radio or not!