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The break-in at DNC headquarters at the Watergate Hotel happened 40 years ago this week, kicking off lots of sentimental reminiscing about the good ole days when Republicans only bugged their opponents’ offices but still sort of cared about the well-being of the nation. Sort of.

This morning, I spoke with The Philadelphia Daily News’ Will Bunch about his piece “Nixon Exceptionalism: What Woodward and Bernstein Got Wrong About Watergate,” which of course led to a bigger discussion about how things have changed on most fronts in the past 40 years.

We touched on today’s breaking news about President Obama issuing his first Executive Privilege, to refuse to hand over some documents pertaining to Fast & Furious to Darrel Issa, which certainly didn’t sound like good news to me.

But we did get some good news last night… gave in to progressive protests about their association with a couple of anti-union groups, including Michelle Rhee’s ALEC-themed Students First (which actually puts profits first).  I called on my friend Asher Huey, who’s been sounding the Rhee alarm for longer than I’ve known him, to explain why we should be happy about this.

And we got a bit more information about the proposed Robin Hood Tax from Jennifer Flynn of Health Gap.