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You know what’s more offensive than the word “vagina”? Not being able to say it! It is, after all, the anatomically-correct word for the part of the female anatomy that is also known by some pretty vulgar words.

Yet, the Michigan state legislature, in all its immaturity, gave state Representative Lisa Brown a “timeout” for daring to use the proper term in her floor speech against a bill that would limit a women’s right to a safe, legal abortion.  


This reminds me of something that happened here in FloriDUH last year, when Florida state Representative Scott Randolph got reprimanded for daring to use the word “uterus” (another anatomically correct term) in this floor speech.


Yikes.  The word police are out.  So, I thought today, we’d have some fun with “vagina”….

Let’s start with Jon Stewart and The Daily Show…


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And move on to this little ditty from Lisa Koch (pronounce cock? and can you say that?)


And we can’t have fun with Vagina without a contribution from Lee Camp, can we?


Also on the show today, a vaginal contribution from The Political Carnival’s GottaLaff 


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