Yesterday I complained about the number of Romney signs that suddenly appeared on lawns in my neighborhood and the lack of a single Obama sign.  After some friends who are political strategists and campaign workers talked me down by explaining that yard signs don’t vote and that by spending valuable time and resources on planting signs actually takes away from more important GOTV organizing, I felt a little better.  But I also went to the OFA website to find the closest campaign office, drove over and picked up a couple of signs for my lawn.

I put one out, and saved the second one for the day this one invariably disappears.  (We’re taking bets on how long it’ll last… so far, so good!)

This morning on the show, I enjoyed chatting with Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry’s fame about his newest project: Stamp Stampede!  Ben realizes that the onslaught of corporate money into our electoral process and politics in general is the biggest problem facing us today, so he came up with a creative way of spreading the word about the importance of getting money out of politics and that is for is for tens of thousands of people across the country to stamp messages on our nation’s currency in support of passing a constitutional amendment to Get Money Out of Politics.

Next up was Greg Basta of NY Communities for Change, who was one of the people behind the brilliant Occupy the Boardroom site and actions.  Today, the letters that thousands of us wrote to the banksters at the various institutions responsible for the economic collapse in this county have been assembled into a book (a perfect, inexpensive holiday gift!).

And in the second hour, Maysoon Zayid joined in to aim her wrath at Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, and the other haters out there…

But my biggest laugh of the week came courtesy of Stephen Colbert, who took aim at Donald Trump and his really BIG announcement yesterday that was supposed to bring the Obama campaign to its knees.   Nothing like Trumping the Teabagger… Watch and laugh:

We’re off for the weekend (we don’t do a show on Fridays, for now, anyway).  Back for the final full week leading up to election day on Monday… radio or not!