Hurricane Sandy is now officially the biggest tropical cyclone in recorded history. As one who’s lived through a few major hurricanes, obviously my thoughts and what passes for prayers in my world are with the millions of people in the path of the storm.

That crazy image comes courtesy of my favorite weather source:  Dr. Jeff Masters has been a frequent guest on my show, but circumstances have him a bit too busy to come on today.  I will be checking his blog throughout today as I do both my show and Randi Rhodes’ this afternoon.

On my show this morning, I’ll speak with John Fugelsang from his apartment in New York City for an interesting storm report.  Stephen Goldstein, author of Atlas Drugged: Ayn Rand Be Damned will tell us about his prophetic look at a privatized FEMA.  And Digby will weigh in on the election and what impact Sandy might have.

Stay tuned for info on guests this afternoon on Randi’s show…

And watch this: