Hooray for Hollyweird

The country awoke this morning to headlines about The Sperminator.  Yes, all those rumors of Ahnold's womanizing ways were affirmed today when the news broke that the former actor turned governor turned actor again not only cheated on his wife, Maria Shriver, with a member of their "household staff", but fathered a child by the former employee as well. The alleged affair took place "over a decade ago" before Schwarzenegger ran for public office.  According to today's reports, the revelation that this had happened is what led to the super-couple's split, reported just days ago. My initial reaction was to [...]

Guest-Hosting the Randi Rhodes Show Today!

Randi's taking a much-deserved day off today, and I'm thrilled and grateful that she's once again asked me to fill in for her!  I hope you'll join in.  I've got some great guests lined up, but made sure to leave lots of time for your calls at 866-87-RANDI (866-877-2634). You can listen live through any of Randi's affiliates, and I'll have the video stream going too. Of course, the big news continues to be the biggest environmental disaster in our history. Today is Day 60 of the Gulf geyser. Although it's been a busy week of dealing with the disaster, [...]

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