12-5-23 Nicole Sandler Show – A Bunch of News with Will Bunch

  Click the player to listen, right click the button below and "save as" to download and save, or scroll down for the video https://media.zencastr.com/audio-files/5e0cc41aa9798f001400ff98/a8b76b85-9433-4526-bea2-ee01e5720459.mp3   The Philadelphia Inquirer's Will Bunch joins us today. I invited him on after reading his column about the death of Henry Kissinger and how the man who finally died would have likely applauded MSNBC firing Mehdi Hasan. Selfishly, I want to point out that Mehdi's not the only one who had a show canceled because management (or some other entity) didn't like his stance or coverage of the war between Hamas & Israel... But [...]