Stop All Wars

We're waging war in Afghanistan and Iraq (yes, we're still fighting there). The GOP is waging war on women. We have a so-called war on drugs and terrorism. I just saw a news article that says Israel is waging war on solar power (to keep the Palestinians from having electricity. And on and on goes the list. ENOUGH ALREADY! War sucks. Of any kind. It's time for them all to end and focus on making peace. What a concept! This morning on the show, I spoke with Yochi Dreazen, Senior National Security Correspondent for National Journal. He's been writing aboutthe [...]

Rush Limbaugh is a Drug-Addled Racist Douchebag Pig

Did I say that clearly enough? Thanks to the good folks at Media Matters, who actually sit through his show so we don't have to, I've assembled a few of his comments which prove my initial statement. The man is a card carrying, no doubt about it, full blown racist.  All that's missing is the white hood.  It's probably in his gold plated closet along with his viagra. After hearing the comments he made yesterday ("If Obama weren't President, he'd be a tour guide in Hawaii" and - paraphrasing here- the only reason Oprah is so successful is because she's [...]

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