We’ve covered Project 2025 before, and we’ll continue sounding the alarm until and after TFG is defeated and this MAGAt brand of Republicans are extinct. They are that dangerous, and that’s not hyperbole, it’s fact. They will, if given the opportunity, destroy democracy.

Today, I’m joined by a NY Times best-selling author, Andra Watkins.. She was raised in a Christian Nationalist family, the people who espouse this type of fascism, and was lucky enough to escape it and share what she knows with the rest of us.

She started a substack at Project2025isTheocracy.substack.com  to educate and inform us about what they are up to if they win back power in the US.

Today, she’ll scratch the surface of what they’ve already done and what they’re planning to do if given the chance. We must make sure they don’t get that chance.