12-19-23 Nicole Sandler Show – Brian Karem and His Dream of a Presidential Speech

  Click to play, right click the download button and save as to save, or scroll down to watch   https://redirect.zencastr.com/r/episode/65822a6ce0e3c2be6e601b2a/audio-files/5e0cc41aa9798f001400ff98/cb50689c-c06d-44ba-96e5-3a0b2466a1e3.mp3   We're in the home stretch of 2023. In addition to the usual holiday fare, this time of year brings with it hopes and dreams and wishes for a better future. All of those elements made it into Brian Karem's column at Salon.com last week in the form of a dream about a presidential speech. I enjoy Brian Karem's writing style, and actually heard that speech as I read it. So I thought I'd invite him on one last [...]