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We’re in the home stretch of 2023. In addition to the usual holiday fare, this time of year brings with it hopes and dreams and wishes for a better future. All of those elements made it into Brian Karem’s column at last week in the form of a dream about a presidential speech.

I enjoy Brian Karem‘s writing style, and actually heard that speech as I read it. So I thought I’d invite him on one last time before the calendar changes to tell us about his dream speech (and maybe even deliver a few lines from it), and put it into context – that’s the scary part.

Before Brian comes on, a few thoughts on the news that broke during yesterday’s show about the death of LA radio icon Jim Ladd. Talk about mortality banging on the door… this one hit close to home.

I mentioned an old aircheck I recorded from 1994. Jim Ladd was on nights at KLSX/Los Angeles when two of his former colleagues were shown the door at KLOS. So he invited Bob Coburn and Joe Benson to join him on the air that night at KLSX to officially say goodbye to their audience. I uploaded that tape to the internet archive.  You can access that program here:

By the way, should you care to check out any of the dozens of artist interviews of mine that I’ve also uploaded to the Internet Archive, you can access that collection at