6-3-16 Nicole Sandler Show – The Fly, the Hawk or the Birdie

Nicole Sandler finishes off the week with a look at our choices for president in 2016. Blogger and filmmaker Frank Huguenard, who stirred up controversy with a quickly-deleted HuffPost post last week joins us in hour one; Dave Johnson, fresh from a Bernie rally and last night's anti-Trump rally in San Jose, joins in during hour two.


If it's Thursday, it usually means a visit from the wonderfully funny John Fugelsang, who finally has a website!!  John joined me in the second hour of tonight's show to dish a bit about last night's State of the Union speech, and other stories in the news. Ellen Ratner of the Talk Radio News Service brought us up to date on what happened in the world today, and Huffington Post's Ryan Grim shared some insight about last night's speech as well. I played some great music from Francis Dunnery, Aimee Mann, Bruce Springsteen, Lyle Lovett and Chris Isaak too...  The [...]

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