Yes, you still have a choice – despite the protestations of the bought and paid for corporate media. And it’s a good thing too, as Hillary Clinton is a hawk, Donald Trump is the flying insect who eats what it regurgitates. I’d hate to see what it picked up in Donald Trump’s “hair” 

And, well, we all remember Birdie Sanders. 

The choice is clear to me!  This morning, I decided to investigate the mysterious removal of a fascinating post from Huffington Post over the weekend.  Blogger and filmmaker Frank Huguenard posted a blog entry titled “Hillary Clinton to be Indicted on Federal Racketeering Charges” on Saturday, but it quickly disappeared, only to raise many questions about why. So I invited him on the show today to find out how he came upon this information and more. I didn’t get many answers, but he’s an interesting guy nonetheless. Check out his films at, and others of his Huffington Post articles at the links at the bottom of the story linked above.

In the second hour, I welcomed Dave Johnson of the Campaign for America’s Future back to the show. He’s spent the past few days attending Bernie Sanders rallies and anti-Trump rallies in California, and reported back to us.

**An update on the launch of the new Randi Rhodes Show and our move to the new studios and new time has been delayed again. Due to a multitude of complications with our studio build out, we have no choice but to move our target air date back another week to June 20. We’re working feverishly to get this done, but done correctly. We thank you for your patience!

Have a great weekend. I’ll be back Monday morning at 10ET, radio or not!