1-10-17 Nicole Sandler Show – Hearing-A-Palooza

It's confirmation season, and the D'ump campaign is off and running with racist, anti-pot, pro KKK, anti-Voting Rights Act Sen Jeff Sessions trying to convince us he should be Attorney General. Jeesh... If that wasn't unfathomable enough for you, David Brock, the sleazy former hatchet boy for the GOP turned Democratic sleaze merchant and Hillary Clinton propagandist penned an open letter to Sen. Bernie Sanders and published it on Medium today. Forgive me, but I just don't trust the guy... GottaLaff joined me to discuss the insanity of it all!

4-22-16 Nicole Sandler Show Purple Tears, Lies, Weed and Earth Day Too

Nicole Sandler has lots to process on this Earth Day Friday show. Prince died yesterday, and we're reminded of the power of music. Ari Rabin-Havt of SiriusXM joins in to talk about his new book, "Lies, Incorporated". And Robert "Bobby Tuna" Platshorn updates us on the fight to end cannabis prohibition.

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