Trudeau’s Doonesbury “has specialized in Bush busting since Day One.” We owe you one.

We so owe Garry Trudeau. Who else has been so consistently consistent when it comes to skewering the Bushes and nailing their collective essence both visually and written with such exquisite precision? If the truth hurts, then this must be excruciating for W, Jebby, Poppy, and Babs. You know, kind of like the pain they've put the rest of us through for decades: Fraudulent wars, economic ruin, torture, you name it. And that's just George W... Don't even get me started on John Ellis (AKA "Jeb") "Privatization R Us" Bush or Barbara "They're underprivileged anyway, so this is working very well for [...]

“Please let Marco Rubio’s head explode”: La Cucaracha

Image via A major advantage of having a Twitter pal like the wonderful Lalo Alcaraz (@LaloAlcaraz) is that, as often as possible, he generously allows us to share his work with you. In a recent comic strip, Lalo zeroed in on none other than Florida's GOP junior (as in infantile) Senator Marco Rubio. Lalo gives us his take on Rubio's take on President Obama's Cuba bombshell. As always, he manages to say so much so well in such a limited space. Take it away, Lalo!

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