3-6-23 Nicole Sandler Show – Taking Back Our History, Starting with the Schools

 https://redirect.zencastr.com/r/episode/640678a604d648bc6d2464b0/audio-files/5e0cc41aa9798f001400ff98/f17456a4-ac93-4c02-93da-b2fe2f5dcb26.mp3Click the player above to play, right click the download button below to download the episode, scroll down for the video versionThe MAGAts were out in force this weekend -- from the CPAC Trump insanity to the Club for Growth attempt to elevate Floriduh's DeSantis, and the rest of the Republicans agreeing to follow the fascists down the rabbit hole, we got a good idea of what the 2024 opposition will look like, and it isn't pretty.I live in Florida, where Ron DeSantis has been seeing just how far he can take his bullying of the state, his authoritarian rule, [...]