I really don’t know how else to explain what’s going on here.

After the sickening execution of two NYPD officers by a deranged man, cops turn their backs to Mayor Bill de Blasio, and the head of the PBA says he has blood on his hands?!?

The former Governor of Alabama, Don Siegelman, is still sitting in prison after being politically persecuted by Karl Rove and his minions and prosecuted by bought and paid for judges, and no one is doing anything about it.

And the war criminals who authorized torture are walking free.

On the show today, I spoke with The Daily Beast‘s Michael Tomasky about his latest piece, “The New York Police Union’s Vile War with Mayor De Blasio.”

And I spoke with Don Siegelman’s daughter, Dana Siegelman, who’s basically paused her life to fight for her dad.  As she suggested, visit Free-Don.org and help spread the word, contribute to their legal defense fund if you can, and to their fundraiser to get the documentary, “Killing Atticus Finch” finished. 

Watch that, and realize that Cheney and his band of war criminals are free, and get angry.

At least the New York Times is saying the right things with today’s OpEd: Prosecute Torturers and Their Bosses!

Tomorrow, The Nation’s Progressive Honor Roll with John Nichols, and GottaLaff… and bring your grievances, it’s Festivus, radio or not!