Yes, you read that right. I had surgery yesterday.

If you saw the x-ray in my last post, you probably noticed that the broken 5th metatarsal bone was in two pieces.  The doctor explained that I had a choice in treatment.

I could have just put on a cast and let it heal.  The break wouldn’t close and it wouldn’t be “fixed” but it would heal. It would take a long time and, if I put any weight on it during the healing time, could go back to square one again.

Or I could have surgery…. He’d “fix” the break by inserting titanium screws and re-attaching the two pieces of broken bone.  He said that the healing time would probably be cut in half if I had surgery.

Being as impatient as I am, I obviously opted for the surgery.

It was pretty uneventful. I had to get to the hospital at 5:30am for 7:30 surgery.  I awoke in recovery at around 9:30, and was home at around 1.

The percocet is helping to manage the pain, but that’s about it.  I could probably use something a bit stronger… but I’ll live!  At least I have a pulse (unlike a former vice-president who also underwent surgery this week!).

I have to send big thanks out to Kenny Pick who stepped in to guest host my show this week.  He’s been joined by Danielle (aka The Left Neck Chick), Shane-O and Tom Schafer.  They jumped in, even though they haven’t done much live radio before, and I truly appreciate them!!

I’m hoping to be back on the show Monday… and still hoping to get to Vegas next week for Netroots Nation.  I’ll see how I’m feeling and getting around this weekend.  I’m supposed to leave Wednesday.  We’ll see.

Thanks for all the kind emails and comments!  I’ll post again soon…

And, yes, I noticed that I never actually answered the question I posed in yesterday’s post.  Stephanie Miller broke the same bone in the same foot, and is also still struggling with crutches and casts and pain, oh my…