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This is the most recent image coming from the National Weather Service of the Five-Day track and “cone of uncertainty” for Isaac, still a Tropical Storm, but expected to be at hurricane strength when it passes by Tampa late Monday into early Tuesday.

As amused as I might be by the idea of the gathering of horrific Republicans getting washed out a bit, I don’t wish a devastating hurricane on anyone.   And as the path takes it right over Haiti, I’m sickened for the people there.

This morning I called on Dr. Jeff Masters of Weather Underground to give an update on Isaac’s path.  Although as of this morning the path moved slightly south (potentially good news for Haiti), no one is out of the woods. Stay tuned.

I also reminisced about this week 20 years ago.  That’s when Andrew hit South Florida.  Although I was living in Los Angeles at the time, I happened to be visiting my dad that week. He had recently been released from an almost year-long hospital stay after an “accident” that left him a quadriplegic.  

We hadn’t yet gotten a van, so moving my dad out of Andrew’s path wasn’t possible.  We rode the storm out.  With hurricane shutters on all the windows, I couldn’t see out as the wind whipped anything and everything flying outside into the house from all directions.  It was a truly frightening night.

When daylight broke and the winds died down, I stepped outside to see downed branches and trees and something resembling a war zone.  But luckily, the hurricane took a hard turn south when it came ashore, or we would have been the target of a direct hit.  

When it comes to Isaac, I’m hoping for a little inconvenience for the RNC attendees and nothing more sinister!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’ll be watching Mitt Romney’s speech accepting the nomination at the convention (barring a major power outage in Tampa!), wondering if he can give the appearance of an actual human.

This morning, I spoke with Kathleen Schafer of Leadership Connection who actually teaches people (politicians, business folk) how to be more authentic.  She recently penned a piece “Why Romney’s Inauthenticity  Will Doom Him to Defeat in November” 

And finally, Sunday is Women’s Equality Day! Unfortunately, we don’t have equal rights for women in this country… we can’t even get the Equal Rights Amendment passed!

That hasn’t stopped my friend, cultural HERstorian Amy Simon from making sure we know what role women have played in getting us to this point.  She’s the creator and performer of She’s History – The Most Dangerous Women, Then and Now….