Wow. the truth hurts, huh?

Those teabaggers can dish it out, but it seems they can’t take it.  Must be the thin sheets skin.

Alan Grayson’s email was tame, especially compared with the vile hatred he’s received since then.  When I asked what kind of response they’ve seen, the congressman’s office sent me a sampling of some of the emails – which really underscore the fact that Grayson’s analogy was spot on.

From “Kip”: “Well, I would like to inform you that you are equated to a German Nazi!!! … I hope they drum your sorry a** out the next election because you are a disgrace to this district.!!”

From “Billy”: “Hope you burn in Hell with 0bama, Jew-Boy – (fucking KIKE)”

From “Roger”: “Grayson, you are LOWER THAN WHALE DUNG!… I think a great retaliation picture would be a picture of you, naked, pissing on a bound naked black woman, while a big burly dude is banging you so hard up the ass that the head of his cock comes out your mouth while you’re wrapping your tongue around the head of his cock, licking your own shit. How’s that for outdoing you, SCUM!”

From “Robert”: “Who in the hell to you think you are to post a burning cross representing the tea party, you mother fucker, I hope you burn up in hell you piece of shit!”

From “Russell”:  “Hey muthafucker, I see you like to use the burning cross to fuck with the Tea Party. I know your little pets probably won’t let you read this but I want you to know that you couldn’t hold up the nutsack of any one Tea Party member much less accomplish what they do for the country. You librtard.”

From “Colonel David”: “Recently I have discovered that a Socialist Nazi organization has been operating among your constituents. This pro-socialist organization has been making itself heard through intimidation and the use of hate messages aimed at many of your constituents. The main perpetrator of these messages is a loud mouthed, short pecker Nazi leader with dark hair that resembles Adolph Hitler except that he does not yet front a cleft mustache like his Fuhrer! This Socialist Nazi has used such hate symbols as burning crosses to further his agenda! He uses such comparative language to further his misguided agenda by accusing his opposition of wishing that their own members should just die rather than seek medical resources. Recently this Socialist Nazi hate monger has taken to using a symbol of hate, the Burning Cross of the Klu Klux Klan, to further his message of hate. This symbol of hate is repulsive and crosses the line of common decency to all except his ilk. This Adolph Hitler wannabe has used the symbol of the Jim Crow era that is most reprehensible and offensive to most common and decent human beings. I suppose that the next thing he will use is the symbolic noose as a symbol of his hate message depicting the lynching of a Negro or Black? Then the next despicable symbol left at his disposal would be to depict the dragging of a Negro or Black down a road behind a motor vehicle. I tell you, this hate mongering Idiot must be stopped at all cost! He needs to be lynched, have a flaming cross shoved up his ass till he taste shit, and dragged behind a motor vehicle till his dick and balls fall off! Who is this despicable abomination of a human? It is none other than Alan Grayson, the most vile piece of shit ever created by Satin! One could only hope that this piece of shit gets the most aggressive form of Cancer know to man and dies the most horrific death ever conceived by his own mind!”

From “Scott”: “You are an example of the worst in the human race. What are you?????? A massive heart attack suits you well!”

From “Paul”: “Grayson need to go back under the rock you crawled from under. You are lower than “snail scum” . I hope someone beats you like a bastard stepchild. Your mother and father failed in the raising of you. You needed your ass kicked up around the top of your empty skull…”

From “John”: “You piece of socialist crap! The KKK was a Democratic club, started by trailer trash like you.”

Some rancid fool (who used the name Kitty Elise) actually went on my other website (the job search one), and attempted to post this comment:

You defend Alan Grayson? If it were a conservative, you would pile on. Are you a racist because you are dissing Ted Cruz? You must be by your own standards. You are one paranoid person, and the Tea Partiers are not racist. It just shows that you are keenly aware that the democrats are NOT the party of America. You are a radical, just as there are many in your party of the same ilk. The DEMOCRAT party is the racist party, least you remember, they were the KKK, bitch.


I pulled this from the archives, cuz it fits…

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