Our old friend Robert Platshorn, aka Bobby Tuna, is getting ready for the Grand Rally in Tally, an event he’s producing on February 10 in Tallahassee to educate Florida’s legislature about the healing properties of marijuana.

He joined me on the show to talk about some of the ways medical marijuana can help heal many conditions – from epilepsy to cancer, and talk about the progress we’ve made toward ending prohibition.

Btw, if you haven’t yet watched “Should Grandma Smoke Pot?”, produced by Platshorn and narrated by Nicole Sandler, now is a good time to get informed…

 We end each week with a musical blast from the past – a Flashback Friday segment from my radio archives as a way to segue into the weekend. Today, it was a live broadcast of the Nicole & Chuck morning show from LA’s KSCA/fm101.9 in Los Angeles from Feb 9. 1996 at Starbucks in Encino with Joan Baez and Dar Williams!


I hope you enjoy it nearly as much as I did!