On Face the Nation today, this happened

That was CBS News Elections Director Anthony Salvanto who, when asked what Bernie Sanders has to do to “shrink the delegate lead” that Hillary Clinton holds, actually said, among other things

“…He needs to not just win, he needs to win big. In fact, so big that it would be the kind of wins that we just frankly don’t see or haven’t seen. Something like 70-30 or 80-20 …”

Excuse me? We don’t or haven’t seen? What color is the sky in this guy’s world?

Out of 37 contests so far, Hillary Clinton won 20, Bernie Sanders won 17. Of Bernie’s 17 wins, six of them were apparently “the kind of wins that we frankly don’t see or haven’t seen.”


  Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton
Alaska 81.6% 18.4%
Hawaii 69.8% 30%
Kansas 67.9% 32.1%
Utah 79.3% 20.3%
Vermont 86.1% 13.6%
Washington 72.7% 27.1%

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