Everything is broken… but not beyond repair. We could fix it if we’d only fix our broken Congress…

A quick rundown of the broken things we talked about today:

-The Environment  A “natural gas” drilling well in the Gulf of Mexico exploded Tuesday and is still spewing methane, just 50 miles from the Louisiana border, while there are two tar sands leaks poisoning Alberta, Canada.  And a train derailed at the Port of Tampa early this morning, spewing flammable ethanol.

-The Fourth Amendment  The House yesterday voted down the Amash-Conyers amendment that would have effectively defunded the NSA’s domestic spying program. (The silver lining is that only 12 votes made the difference.  Stay tuned!)

-The Future of the Fed as President Obama actually considers nominating Larry Summers as its new chair.

-The Future of Affordable College as the senate passes a horrible student loan bill

-The Future of Voting Rights as FL Gov Rick Scott announces that the state’s voter purge will continue in the wake of the SCOTUS’ gutting the Voting Rights Act and North Carolina moves forward with the worst voter suppression bill in the nation

-Anthony Weiner’s weiner  Seriously.

We discussed all of that on the show this morning with Crooks & Liars Susie Madrak, Absurdity Today‘s Julianna Forlano, Huffington Post‘s Zach Carter, and the one and only Cliff Schecter.

We’ll continue the discussion this afternoon as I guest host the Randi Rhodes Show – and will take your calls on all if it at 866-877-2634  3-6 pm ET…