IF a picture is worth a thousand words, a gif like this should be worth the end of a campaign. But no such luck.

Remember Al Gore sighed during a debate, and you would have thought he killed W’s mother! But Trump makes these asinine facial expressions (and this is only barely scratching the surface), and he’s still the frontrunner?

Yes, it is opposite world. The always awesome Driftglass helped me recap last night’s debate insanity as I was able to get back on the air in temporary mode.

We’ll continue the debate post-mortem tomorrow morning with Julianna Forlano to end the week.

But in the wake of Bernie Sanders appearance on Monday at Liberty University, I thought these remarks from a Liberty graduate who considers himself an evangelical and now, Bernie Sanders supporter. He explains why here (click to read the transcript, or listen to the audio below): 


Now back to the computer hell in which I’ve been residing for the past few weeks… back tomorrow (I hope), radio or not!