gun control


Concerned citizens are outraged as more details emerge about the traffic stop that led to Sandra Bland’s arrest and subsequent death while in custody, as we should be.

And last night, yet another crazy person with a gun opened fire in a crowded movie theater, killing two and injuring nine others before killing himself.

But our “news” media is more concerned with the shenanigans of Donald Trump than these life-or-death issues. People are dying, and the media is sucking up to Donald Trump or, as Jon Stewart said last night, are riding “the blow job a coaster,” proving there’s more than one way to suck at your job.

Both CNN and MSNBC actually cut away from the press conference in which Sandra Bland’s autopsy results were read to cover Donald Trump’s photo-op at the border yesterday. I turned on Morning Jerk this morning and watched for 30 minutes during which there was not one mention of last night’s shooting in Louisiana or of Sandra Bland. Instead, it was a circle jerk over Donald Trump. And my nausea returned with a vengeance.

So fuck MSNBC, who will bring the racist Pat Buchanan back on as a guest on Meet the Press this Sunday. Need I say more?

And if you wonder why I don’t say the names of these attention seeking shooters, consider this headline and puke along with me:

Diane Sawyer Nabs First-Ever Interview with Columbine Shooter’s Mother

Say it with me now, WTF?

President Obama is in Kenya today. But in a BBC interview yesterday, before the Lafayette, LA shooting, the president admitted that he’s most frustrated by his inability to enact any sensible gun laws.

At least he realizes that this is a failure on the part of his adminstration… and of Congress. Sadly, Chuck Schumer doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo.

Hmmm. Who has the power to do something to end these senseless tragedies? Maybe a US Senator, perhaps?

We have indeed gone through the rabbit hole. this morning had some fascinating stats on guns and mass shootings in the US vs other “advanced” nations that you really should read.

Larry Wilmore finally addressed the Sandra Bland situation last night, and it was worth the wait.

And Jon Stewart is stuck in Trump-ville. Perhaps it is time for him to exit stage left… Bring on Colbert already, CBS!

This morning on the show, Julianna Forlano made her return appearance. She’ll be hanging with us again each Friday morning!

And for our Flashback Friday musical blast from the past to help segue into the weekend, I pulled out my August 1994 interview with Sheryl Crow. As you know, the Radio or Not Auction is ending very early tomorrow morning (as in 5am ET early!), but you knew that already, right? Among the items for sale in the auction are this original RIAA award to KSCA (the station today’s interview was conducted at) for 5,000,000 copies of her Tuesday Night Music Club album sold!

Sheryl Crow - 5x platinum award - 1


I also have listed this promotional wristwatch from the hair care company Finesse, who sponsored Sheryl’s 2002 tour for C’mon C’mon

Sheryl Crow - Finesse in concert watch

The full list of auction items can be found here. Just remember, the listings will end somewhere around 5am ET tomorrow morning, so set those alarm clocks or bid early and bid high!

I’ll be back Monday, exhausted from packing and shipping out all those items… radio or not!