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  • Baton Rouge shootings: 3 officers dead
  • Baton Rouge shooter left online trail
  • Republican convention: Viewer’s popcorn guide
  • Republican rumblings
  • Clinton works to woo progressives
  • Turkey coup: 6,000 arrests, US blamed
Baton Rouge Shootings: 3 Officers Dead (BBC, AP, WaPo, Hill, me)
• President Obama called for restraint on Sunday after three police officers were shot dead in Baton Rouge, La. The gunman, Gavin Long, an African-American who had served for five years in the Marines, was also killed. He had posted videos on the internet complaining about police treatment of blacks (he also tweeted “YES TO POLYGAMY!” (ugh)
• Tensions in Baton Rouge have been high since a black man, Alton Sterling, was shot dead by police two weeks ago. That death – and a second police shooting in Minnesota – sparked protests and triggered a revenge attack by a black Army veteran who shot dead five officers in Dallas (this, I fear, may not be over, although I so pray it is)
• “The death of these three brave officers underscores the danger that police across the country confront every single day, and we as a nation have to be loud and clear that nothing justifies violence against law enforcement,” Obama said from the WH. “We don’t need careless accusations thrown around to score political points or to advance an agenda,” Obama said (here we go)
• Shortly after Obama spoke, Donald Trump took to Twitter. “President Obama just had a news conference, but he doesn’t have a clue. Our country is a divided crime scene, and it will only get worse!” he tweeted. (Tumpuniter…) Obama had called for the need to “temper our words and open our hearts … all of us.” “People need to focus on words and actions that can unite this country.”
• The incident began Sunday morning with shots being fired at a gas station on Airline Highway in Baton Rouge. Police received reports of a man with an assault rifle. A witness said she saw a gunman wearing a black mask and military-style clothing


• Shots were exchanged over a period of more than 15 minutes, leaving three police officers and the suspect dead, with three other officers wounded, one in a critical condition
• The dead officers were named as Montrell Jackson, 32, and Matthew Gerald, 41, of the Baton Rouge police dept, and Sheriff’s Deputy Brad Garafola, 45. All three men had families. The suspect was named as 29-year-old Gavin Long, of Kansas City, Mo, a former Marine. It was his birthday
• Long received an honorable discharge, and won several medals while in the military, including one for good conduct and a global war on terrorism service medal (at least five medal). Gov John Edwards (D-La) said “The violence and hatred has to stop.” Police said they were investigating whether the gunman had help from unknown others
• “I swear to God I love this city but I wonder if this city loves me,” Jackson, an African-American, wrote on Facebook some days ago, saying he was “physically and emotionally tired.” “In uniform, I get nasty hateful looks, and out of uniform some consider me a threat. I’ve experienced so much in my short life and these last 3 days have tested me to the core.”
• Referring to Baton Rouge, Jackson said, “This city MUST and WILL get better. I’m working in these streets so any protesters, officers, friends, family or whoever, if you see me and need a hug or want to say a prayer, I got you.” (we got you and the other officers in our prayers, too – and we’re all seeking healing as we strive towards justice and unity)

Baton Rouge Shooter Left Online Trail (NYT, Guardian, me)
• Gavin Long, who police say was responsible for killing three Baton Rouge police officers Sunday morning, appears to have visited web sites focused on complaints about the treatment of black people by police. On a social media site registered under Gavin Long, a man who refers to himself as “Cosmo” posted videos and podcasts and shared bios and info that matched Long’s
• In a YouTube video, the man discusses a bloody response to the killings of African-American men at the hands of police officers, rather than protests (the videos have been disabled – just as well – why should the creep get the publicity)
• “One hundred percent of revolutions, of victims fighting their oppressors have been successful through fighting back, through bloodshed. Zero had been successful just over simply protesting. It doesn’t – it has never worked and it never will. You got to fight back. That’s the only way that a bully knows how to quit.” (tell that to Gandhi – or Nelson Mandela in prison)
• “You’ve got to stand on your rights, just like George Washington did, just like the other white rebels they celebrate and salute did,” he added. “That’s what Nat Turner did. That’s what Malcolm did. You got to stand, man. You got to sacrifice.” (you can sacrifice of yourself for a cause. but you have no right to assassinate others and pretend that that’s sacrifice. it’s just murder)
• Oren Segal of the Anti-Defamation League said there was no info linking Long to any extremist group, but the ADL and others were investigating Long’s possible use of aliases. WSJ reported that he was a member of a group called the New Freedom Group. There are no references to the group online. He claimed to have belonged to the Nation of Islam. No evidence to support
Republican Convention: Viewer’s Popcorn Guide (AP, Marie Claire, me)
What about Trump? Can Donald Trump nail it with his nomination acceptance speech in Cleveland Thursday night? No natural with a teleprompter and can come across as blah. But he’ll be super-energized. He’s been working on his speech for weeks and wants it to hit all the rights notes and convert new voters as well as fire up his followers (he loves show-time, folks)
Dissidents: The conservatives trying to derail Trump’s nomination are on life support, but they may well make a last-ditch effort to get the full convention to let delegates back the candidate of their choice. They were shut down by the rules committee last week (fun). Then, there’s always the possibility that protesters will try to bring things to a halt inside the hall
Mike Who? The convention will be a sort of coming-out party of Trump’s VP pick, Gov Mike Pence (R-Ind). Known to GOP insiders as a steady conservative, a recent CBS News poll showed 86% of people said they didn’t know enough about him to form an opinion. Plus, he and Trump barely know each other – look for their chemistry (Trump was soooo controlling on 60 Minutes)

Poor Paul: House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis), the convention chairman, has run hot, cold and lukewarm on Trump. He’s got to try to unify the fractured party while hold himself at arm’s length from its combative nominee. He’ll give a policy-focused speech Tuesday night. If you get bored, try to count all the GOP lawmakers who aren’t there. Plenty are skipping… (fishing, lawns…)

• Talk Media News will provide special on-the-scene coverage from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland all this week. Check back here with Talk Media News throughout the day and throughout the week for the latest scoop


The Losers: A list of vanquished hopefuls from the GOP primary will be speaking – most of whom said some unspeakable things about Trump. How will they complete their transformation from anti-Trumps to cheerleaders? Watch Sen Ted Cruz (R-Texas): has called Trump a “pathological liar” / “lies practically every word that comes out of his mouth” / “narcissist” / “utterly amoral”….
Celeb quotient: Lame-oh. Tim Tebow said no. Ten Nugent’s on tour (boo hoo) Right now, the best of the low-wattage stars include former underwear model Antonio Sabato Jr (in underwear?) and pro golfer Natalie Gulbis. Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner’s rabbi, Haskel Lookstein, backed out because his appearance had become too politically charged (smart)
Hillareee: Oh yes. Meanwhile, during the Trumpfest, Clinton will be zeroing in on a running mate and prepping for her convention next week. She’ll be campaigning in the same state and addressing the NAACP in Cincinnati this morning, and running plenty of convention counterprogramming with anti-Trump ads (she’s going to struggle to get attention – that she wants, that is)
Protesters: Authorities are preparing for spontaneous gatherings and the potential for violence. Black Lives Matter and Stand Together Against Trump plan to protest, as do Bikers for Trump, Tea Partiers for Trump and Truckers for Trump (it’s a long list – both sides – oh, and 100 women got naked on Sunday morning to protest Trump – yes there are pics…)
• Gov John Kasich (R-Ohio) said Sunday that he doesn’t have authority “arbitrarily” to suspend the state’s open carry gun law’s. Earlier, Cleveland police union president Steve Loomis pushed for suspension of the law during the convention following the shooting of several police officers in Baton Rouge (this is nuts that we can’t do anything about it, we know that, right?)

Republican Rumblings (NYT, HuffPo, Hill, Hill, TMN, TMN, me)
• Donald Trump stood alone on the stage and talked about himself and his own issues for 20 minutes on Saturday (not news) before he got to the point of why he was there: to introduce his new running mate, Gov Mike Pence (R-Ind). Trump said they were the “law and order candidates,” that Pence “looks good” and mocked Republicans who had opposed him
• Trump reportedly plans to roll out the names of potential Cabinet members at the convention this week, after his VP announcement failed to generate the enthusiasm he was hoping for. He was unable to tell the other top contenders for the position – Newt Gingrich and Chris Christie – about his choice before news had leaked on Thursday (must have been furious)
• After the terror attack in Nice Thursday night, Trump postponed the event and unveiled his decision on Twitter Friday morning. Several reports have surfaced that Trump had second thoughts on Thursday night about his decision and tried to get out of it. Trump now says Pence was always his first choice – rumor that fired Corey Lewandowski didn’t want Pence – and is still in touch
• Trump wants to name Christie, the governor of New Jersey, his AG. Lt Gen Mike Flynn, who was also rumored as a potential VP pick, may be floated to serve as defense secretary, HuffPo reported. Newt Gingrich is open to being in the Cabinet (i’ll bet)
• Trump’s campaign appears still to be breaking the law by soliciting illegal donations from foreign individuals – including members of foreign govts at their official email addresses – weeks after the campaign was put on notice by watchdog groups. The foreign pols are livid. Is it “gross incompetence, gross negligence or willful conduct?” as a watchdog’s attorney asked (it’s illegal)

• On 60 Minutes Sunday, Donald Trump again misled and said he’d always been against the Iraq War. Also: “I don’t care” that VP pick Mike Pence voted for it in Congress – “it’s a long time ago” – “they were misled.” “He’s entitled to make a mistake every once in a while.” Hillary Clinton’s not? – She voted for the war, too, Lesley Stahl said. “No, she’s not,” Trump said (utterly illogical)
Clinton Works to Woo Progressives (LAT, me)
• Hillary Clinton didn’t ask progressive activists for their vote Saturday. Instead she asked that they “keep holding elected officials, including me, accountable.” It was a video message to the annual Netroots Nation conference that acknowledged the deep skepticism among many present who would have rather seen Bernie Sanders become Democratic nominee
• Activists at the conference said they’ll push for a Clinton Cabinet stocked with liberal appointees and a legislative agenda just as progressive as the Democratic platform that was finalized this month in Orlando (notable that she sent a video and didn’t go – guessing she didn’t fancy being booed)
• MoveOn.org, a progressive group that originally backed Sanders, is laying the groundwork for a scorched-earth effort called Unite Against Hate that will paint Trump as a dangerous bigot. Their research shows it’s the best way to motivate young voters, single women and minorities repulsed by Trump who who are less likely to turn out to the polls in November
• Clinton officials have emphasized the earlier chapters of her biography, when she worked with the Children’s Defense Fund to fight racial segregation in schools. She’s also doubled down on liberal policies, such as making higher education more affordable. “We are not going to get there unless we elect Hillary Clinton,” Clinton policy adviser Ann O’Leary said (they need convincing)
• In Clinton’s video at Netroots, she pledged to introduce a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United decision that opened the floodgates to more corporate money in political campaigns. Instead of the boos that greeted the mention of Clinton’s name during the primary, there was only applause (that’s a start, anyway)
• On 60 Minutes, Lesley Stahl asked if Mike Pence agreed with Donald Trump that Sen John McCain (R-Ariz) wasn’t a war hero because he was captured, as Trump argued. “I have a great deal or respect for John McCain – – -” Pence stammered. Trump interrupted: “You could say yes. That’s OK.” (what if he wanted to shout no? Oh – he can’t now – drank the kool-aid) (Politico, me)
Turkey Coup: 6,000 Arrests, US Blamed (BBC, WSJ, TMN, me)
• Turkey has arrested over 6,000 members of judiciary and military after a failed coup, with President Erdogan vowing to purge state bodies of the “virus” that caused the revolt. Nearly 8,000 police officers have been suspended. The overall death toll for the weekend’s violence has risen to 290, the foreign ministry said. More than 100 were said to be participating in the coup
• Turkish govt officials said Saturday that Turkey would view the U.S. as an enemy if the Obama admin doesn’t hand over Fethullah Gulen, a reclusive but influential moderate Turkish cleric who has lived in self-imposed exile in Pa for 15 years. “Any country that stands behind him is no friend of Turkey, is engaged in a serious war with Turkey, PM Yildirim said
• SecState John Kerry then told Turkish FM Cavusoglu in a phone call that “public insinuations or claims about any role by the U.S. in the failed coup attempt are utterly false and harmful to our bilateral relations.” Kerry said of extradition, that Turkey should “present us with any legitimate evidence that withstands scrutiny.” Gulen has suggested that Erdogan was behind the coup

• Why does the attempted coup matter? Turkey straddles Europe and Asia. It’s a leading member of NATO. The Islamist President Erdogan and his AK party have taken a strong interest in the Sunni Muslim-led govts in the region. The West sees Turkey as part of the solution in the Middle East = need for stability. Turkey is seen by EU as vital to control flow of migrants (BBC)
• Turkey’s justice minister Bozdag said there wasn’t a single person in Turkey who doubted Gulen was behind the attack. “Does one need evidence to prove the existence of the Sun? This is just as clear a matter.” He said Turkey would provide the paperwork, but hoped the U.S. would extradite without it (they’ll have to come up with more than the Sun – Gulen supports democracy)
• With so many detentions, one Twitter user noted: “this is an opportunity for the governing party to cleanse out all opposition to the presidential system.” Erdogan’s critics wonder if he could make use of the latest events as leverage to push harder for a constitutional change that would further enhance his powers – maybe bring back death penalty (suspect he’ll have a good go)
• Kerry said an extensive purge “would be a great challenge to his relationship to Europe, to NATO and to all of us, and we have urged them not to reach out so far that they’re creating doubts about their commitment to the democratic process, and I hope it won’t result in that.”
• The Tunisian man who drove his truck into crowds of people in Nice on Thursday, killing more than 80, researched the route in advance, French media report. Six people are being held in connection with the killings. On the day, the killer sent his brother in Tunisia a photo of himself in the crowds, seemingly “happy and pleased, laughing” (TMN, (BBC)

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