The Democrat

Alan Grayson was my first guest this morning. As Congress embarks on its Memorial Day recess, I spoke with the congressman about the way the press is going after him (according to Howie Klein, very likely at the behest of Chuck Schumer), about the fact that he will “probably” run for the senate, along with the Patriot Act and TPP/Fast Track currently being debated and voted on in the senate, and more.

If you haven’t seen Congressman Grayson‘s Trade Treachery video, now’s a good time to watch and learn….

The Republican

John LeBoutillier joins me during the first hour each Friday and is usually my favorite Republican because he’s usually sensible. Unfortunately, today he proved himself to be a climate denier, so there’s that…

The Rock Star

Ryan Adams is the quintessential rock star. I became a fan the moment I heard the second Whiskeytown album, Strangers Almanac, which still sits on my top 10 albums list.

I wrote a couple of articles about him for the trade publications Radio & Records  , and Totally Adult, which show just how much I love Ryan’s music.

The final Whiskeytown album, Pneumonia, was finally released on this date in 2001. Between that and the fact that Ryan was one of the final musical guests on David Letterman’s show, I thought today would be a good day to feature the world premiere radio special that I wrote, co-produced and hosted on our Flashback Friday segment.


I’m still not sure whether or not we’ll have a live show Monday morning… but if not, we’ll run something fun on the stream. Either way, I’ll see you next week, radio or not!