mistakes were made


Few things make me as angry as when some Republican fool attempts to divert the blame away from himself by saying “mistakes were made” instead of “we made mistakes” or the more endearing and usually more honest “I screwed up and for that I’m terribly sorry.”

But some of the residents of the 2016 GOP clown car are falling all over themselves using the tired (and ridiculous) “mistakes were made” line as if that absolves them of any culpability.

We couldn’t escape Jeb Bush’s faux pas along those lines, with each subsequent day adding more faux to the already burgeoning pas. But yesterday, his protegé Marco Rubio showed that he learned nothing from his mentor’s missteps in this interview with Chris Wallace.

Haven’t I been telling you that there’s no there there for a while now?

On his regular Monday morning visit, Joel Silberman joined me to talk about that, as well as what George Stephanopolous hasn’t learned after all these years in both DC and the media, and more….

In the second hour, Richard “RJ” Eskow took a break from The Zero Hour radio show and his blog at the Campaign for America’s Future to chat with me about music (and his recent gig with Michelle Shocked!) as well as his latest article, “Obama’s Trade War Against Warren Wounds His Party – And His Legacy .”

Tonight, I’ll be speaking at the Oakland Park Democratic Club meeting on “The Foxification of the Media.” If you’re here in South Florida, come on out and say hello.  The meeting is at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation, 3970 NW 21st Ave, Oakland Park, FL 33309 beginning at 7pm.

If you can’t make it, I’ll see you back here tomorrow morning, radio or not!