dueling donkeys

After my less-than-pleasant but oh-so-enlightening experience running to be a Bernie Sanders delegate to the national convention last week, I wasn’t surprised to hear of the friction in Vegas this weekend as the NV Democrats gathered for their state convention.

There were two distinct narratives being offered, the one from the Clinton camp and corporate media and the other the truth. Thankfully, there’s video that back up the truth. Yes, people were pissed off and yes, there was booing. Oooh. They’ booed Barbara Boxer! 


The HRC faction claimed Nina Turner was booed by Bernie fans. They lie. See for yourself.

As for what precipitated the discord, Heavy.com does a great job of explaining it all, and Adryenn Ashley, a delegate and Sanders supporter, videotaped most of it. It’s all posted on her Facebook page, and she joined me on today’s show to talk about what went down. 

As the calls from the corporate media and Clinton crowd continue growing louder and stronger, it’s worth taking a deep look at what’s hanging over Hillary Clinton that could derail her campaign. In the second hour of today’s show, I had a fascinating conversation with Paul Thompson, who wrote and built the Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Timeline.

Do read it and keep asking questions.

Tomorrow, David Dayen joins me to talk about his new book, Chain of Title, and Amy Simon too, radio or not!