Although there are technically still three Republicans in the race for their party’s presidential nomination, only two of them have any shot at winning the nomination by amassing enough delegates via primary and caucus wins leading up to their convention in Cleveland in June. John Kasich would need more than 100% of the remaining delegates. I know the GOP is prone to breaking rules, but that’s one that’s even above their skill set.

Mother Jones lays out the only path to the nomination for Cruz, 

Barring a catastrophic plunge in Trump’s popularity, Cruz cannot make up his delegate deficit—Cruz has 410 to Trump’s 673—and reach the 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the nomination outright. Instead, Cruz’s only real shot at the nomination is to pick off enough delegates to prevent Trump from amassing a majority and force a contested convention, where his campaign’s hard work wooing and recruiting loyal delegates will pay off on the convention floor.

But they won’t tell you that Bernie Sanders’ chances of winning his party’s nomination are much greater than Cruz’ winning his. Of course not, it goes against their narrative.

But that’s not the only surreal example from the right… The big story all day yesterday was about Donald Trump’s campaign manager allegedly assaulting a “reporter” from Breitbart (thus the quotation marks around the word ‘reporter’), with an occasional detour into the ‘he started it’ arguments around  the ‘my wife is hotter than your wife’ idiocy.

Meanwhile, on the adult side of the aisle, some are acting equally childish. After Clinton’s chief spokesman Joel Benenson said that they’d consider another debate only if Bernie Sanders “changed his tone”!

“Sen. Sanders doesn’t get to decide when we debate, particularly when he’s running a very negative campaign against us. Let’s see if he goes back to the kind of tone he said he was going to set early on. If he does that, then we’ll talk about debates.”

Another Hill Shill, Karen Finney, went on CNN yesterday afternoon to continue this bullshit line of attack… accusing Bernie of attacking her when it’s the Clinton camp doing the attacking. (I’m rubber, you’re glue, and you’re five years old just like your GOP counterparts.)

Again, I implore you, turn off the corporate media. Find lots of progressive, independent alternatives at TheLiberal.Media, and please share that link liberally!

Today on the show, Kelly Carlin was supposed to join in from West Palm Beach, where she has four shows this weekend. She got held up by some TV interviews (see?), but will join us Friday morning instead…. In the meantime, if you’re in South Florida, get your tickets now!

Being Wednesday, Deborah Newell joined me for another edition of the Oy FloriDUH files.  We shared a few Floriduh stories, including

Hubby Drove with Wife on Roof of SUV

The search for the missing middle finger of a local pornographer

and the most surreal of them all

Rick Scott Floated as Potential Running Mate for Donald Trump.

But I want you to read Deborah’s article, “My feminism extends beyond US borders, and it informs my first-ever vote as a new American citizen,” which tells about a little-covered story out of Honduras, Hillary Clinton’s role in it, and Deborah’s reasons for becoming a US citizens so she could vote for Bernie Sanders.

Tomorrow, it’s Driftglass Thursday and Howie Klein too, radio or not.

And here’s today’s preshow music, which I dedicated to the remaining occupants of the GOP clown care: