onward and upward


Despite the best efforts by the mainstream corporate media in declaring Bernie Sanders campaign DOA, it is very much alive and kicking and moving on toward Philadelphia. Our pal Gaius Publius posted a piece over at DownWithTyranny that helps us push back on the bullshit media narrative.

  • Hillary Clinton will grow her lead until the March 15 states have voted.
  • Bernie Sanders will erase that lead — partly or completely — after March 15.
  • How much of Clinton’s lead he will erase depends on your not buying what the media is selling — that the contest is over.
  • In most scenarios where Sanders wins, he doesn’t retake the lead until June 7, when five states including California cast their ballots.

March 15 is the Ides of March; a good way to remember the date. The message — gear up for a battle after the Ides of March, and don’t let the establishment media tell you what to think. They won’t be right until the last state has voted.

I was joined on today’s show by Dave Johnson, senior fellow at the  Campaign for America’s Future, who has been called a racist and worse on social media by former friends and acquaintances, merely due to his support of Bernie Sanders campaign. 

And if it’s Wednesday, Deborah Newell Tornello joins me to have some fun with FloriDUH. Of course, with Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and Ben Carson all residents of the Sunshine state, there was plenty to make fun of.

Oh, and a naked guy too… 

Tomorrow, it’s Driftglass & DownWithTyranny Thursday. Be here, radio or not!