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Joe Biden will be the 46th President of the United States. None of the networks or major news organizations have called it yet. But at 8:50 ET this morning, Decision Desk HQ – where I get all my election return info from (and talked about it on the show just yesterday) did! Once the counting in Pennsylvania showed Biden had moved into the lead, it was just a few minutes later that they called it. Joe Biden will address the nation tonight in prime time. And Donald Trump is having a Twitter tantrum.

I’ll run down the latest news as it stands when we hit the air at 5ET. We’ll chat with Will Bunch, columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, as it all came down to Philly!

Our other very timely guest today is Ion Sancho who served as the Leon County, FL Supervisor of Elections for 28 years, and was the Technical Advisor for the 2000 Florida Recount. He’ll answer our many questions about how we got here.

I did play a funny today, as Covid is still raging — with record numbers of new infections here in the US, breaking 100,000 each day for the past two days, with no end in sight. So enjoy this one from Founders Sing



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