thank you


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which began as a bullshit holiday. But if we use it as a day to count our blessings then it should be our favorite holiday ever. (It is mine!) So thank you to all who come to the RoN website to read what we post and listen to the shows. And a big wet kiss to all who have donated to keep us going this year. I truly could not do it without you!

Today on the show, I recounted some of the horror that living in the USA is for African Americans. The epidemic of cops shooting and killing young black men is out of control. I’ll be guest hosting the BradCast this afternoon, and am grateful that Steven Thrasher will join me to discuss his two articles for the Guardian yesterday: one about Minneapolis, the other about Chicago. Sad times, indeed. 

Today, being Wednesday, I spoke with my fellow Floriduh-ian Deborah Newell Tornello for today’s selections from the Oy FloriDUH files, including

Florida Mayor Sued for Trying to Pay $4,000 Fine With Coins

Arrested man didn’t remember driving SUV off showroom floor, through glass doors 

Darth Vader robbery

Augustus Sol Invictus for senate

In the second hour, I spoke with another candidate for senate from Florida, Pam Keith. I apologize if I was too tough on her. I did something I shouldn’t have done; I went into the interview with a preconceived notion about her from reading her website and talking to some active in Florida politics. I think her motives are commendable, and she’s even a progressive (sort of), but after asking her my tough questions, I believe she’s not ready for the senate. I’d love to see her run for a more attainable office, prove herself and move up the electoral ladder. But that’s me…

With that, I’m off to get to work on today’s BradCast, and to start cooking the 10 pounds of Brussels Sprouts I agreed to cook for a big Thanksgiving gathering tomorrow night.  As we all get ready to profess our thanks and eat way too much food, let me share with you my schedule for the next few days:

Tonight, I’ll guest host the BradCast

Tomorrow – Thanksgiving Day – a special “I’m thankful for Bernie Sanders” program with some of my interviews with him and a speech or two too

Friday – On my show, a special Flashback Friday Thanksgiving show and I’ll guest host the BradCast again

Monday – Back to our regular programming – Joel Silberman and whatever else the news brings our way on my show, and one more BradCast fill in….

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends here at Radio or Not!