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If you’ve spent any time listening to my show, you’ve likely heard me reference “Opposite World.” It’s another way of saying “they’re gaslighting you!”

Today’s interview takes us deep into opposite world.

Today’s Republican Party — the MAGAt contingent — likes to say Democrats are all kinds of evil, especially when it comes to children. Some of their allegations:

  • – We want to abort them up until and even after birth (!)
  • -We convince them that they’re not really the gender they were born and we want to mutilate their genitals
  • -We sex traffic children
  • -We kill children and either eat them or drink their blood
  • -We’re grooming our kids (to do what exactly?)

I must admit, I’m not really up to speed on those last few, but hey, why stop there? That’s by no means an exhaustive list of their accusations, but it’s a good start.

We’re grooming them? The assertion is so asinine it’s almost laughable, until you find out that they actually are indoctrinating children to be hateful, bigoted, judgemental, ugly people just like the cretins who raise them. How do I know? Well, listen to today’s guest, Kyle Spencer.

Her new book is called Raising Them Right: The Untold Story of America’s Ultraconservative Youth Movement and its Plot for Power. It details how the right starts teaching their children to hate just like they do from a very early age, and it’s all organized.

Just google the Leadership Institute, and then listen to today’s show…