CNN Dem Debate- Vegas

Finally, the big day has arrived. The first of six, count ’em, SIX debates between the 2016 potential Democratic nominees for president.

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz seems to be doing everything in her power to make sure as few Americans as possible see any Democratic debates. She’ll probably succeed tonight, as the first Democratic debate will compete with Baseball Playoff games between the LA Dodgers & the NY Mets, and the Chicago Cubs vs the St. Louis Cardinals. 

Of course, our “brilliant” media will all blame lukewarm ratings on the fact that Trump isn’t there, instead of on the fact that the nation’s three largest media markets are in the MLM Playoffs. 

I’ll be watching… we’ll have the chat room open and, if possible, the debate will be embedded on that page for your viewing ease. I’ll also be participating in The Guardian‘s live blog coverage of the debate as it’s going on… The Live Blog link will be atop the Guardian’s home page shortly before showtime!

The Guardian’s US Opinion Editor Megan Carpentier joined me on the show this morning to preview the action and so I could thank her for inviting me to participate! 

In the second hour, as it’s Tuesday, GottaLaff joined in to talk about the rest of the news…  

And speaking of the news, this is how I want to see the real fucking news delivered here in the US:


Also, in case you missed it, watch Bernie Sanders on Meet the Press from this past Sunday. This, I hear, is how Bernie is prepping for tonight’s debate!


 See you tonight, and back here again tomorrow, radio or not!