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It’s Friday, so our weekly deluge of information from Marcy Wheeler of So much to discuss in our hour together today including the E Jean Carroll second defamation trial against the former guy and how the corporate media is doing Trump’s bidding by covering his sideshow courtroom tantrums, the new allegations (and investigation and hearing scheduled in February) concerning Fulton County DA Fani Willis and her lead prosecutor’s personal relationship, and of course the latest in the GOP targeted harassment and prosecution of Hunter Biden, among other things.

I apologize that there’s no video of today’s get-together. I recorded it as usual. (We tape Friday mornings AZ time/afternoon Ireland time.) But mea culpa. When I stopped the video recording, I apparently inadvertently restarted the recording when I ended it, effectively recording over the file that was the recording of the interview.

Thank goodness I have the audio backup.
So, listen today. Turn on the closed captions if you want to see the text of our discussion.
I sincerely apologize. I’ll do better next week.