My current podcast hosting platform is soon to be my former podcasting platform. I apologize for the inconvenience, but have been unable to upload this episode. If you’re here, you’ve come looking for it.  Until I come up with a new solution (working on it right now), you can listen or download from the player below. Thanks for your patience!

If you’ve listened to my show (or watched it) for any amount of time, you’ve no doubt noticed that I like to incorporate music & comedy, and use the creativity of people who create parody songs and post them for all to enjoy. We’ve discovered a lot of very talented people from all over the world who undertake such creative endeavors.
About a year ago, I stumbled on some videos on YouTube by a man named Bruce W Nelson who incorporated an alter-ego, Mangy Fetlocks. I was certain it was the actor Jeff Daniels who also has a side pursuit in music. They have similar speech patterns and cadence and do look quite a bit alike.
Anyway, my insistence that it was Jeff Daniels putting out 1 or 2 of these creations daily prompted Bruce to get in touch and convince me that was not nor had ever been Jeff Daniels.
I realized just the other day that, although I had shared the story on air, Bruce had never joined me on the air.
We correct that oversight today!
Hopefully he checks his email in time to test the connection and eradicate any gremlins who might want to hijack the fun today…
We’ll begin, as usual, with some news. Today is, after all, NH primary day. Lots at stake.
We’ll need some laughs as we might be crying tonight…