state of the union (640x360)

Tonight, President Obama will deliver his penultimate State of the Union address. There will be no surprises, as he’s been previewing the various ideas he’ll pitch to the American people before a joint session of Congress tonight.

We do know that sprinkled in between his calls for a new Authorization for Use of Military Force to continue our never-ending wars around the globe, and for Congress to grant him “bipartisan trade promotion authority” (in plain English that means pass the Trans Pacific Partnership with no amendments and little debate, and even before many of them would have had the opportunity to read the damned thing), he’ll introduce some progressive ideas.

Sadly, with both chambers of Congress controlled by the opposition party who have done nothing to help him dig this nation out of the mess the last Republican president left it in, those progressive ideas essentially amount to too little too late.

But watch it I will, and I’ll have the pertinent points for you tomorrow morning. So yes, I’ll watch it so you don’t have to. But you should. Just because it’s what we do as informed citizens who give a shit about what’s being foisted upon us by those in positions of power.

This morning, I spoke with Jim Dean, chair of Democracy for America about a whole lot of things, beginning with their newest project, Run Warren Run, a movement to draft Elizabeth Warren to run for president!

Yes, I want Elizabeth Warren to run too… but I did ask Jim about our other top progressive in the senate who is considering a run, Senator Bernie Sanders. Thankfully, DFA is also excited about Sen. Sanders, and is hosting a conference call with him tomorrow night. You can join in… just click here for the details and to RSVP.

If it’s Tuesday, it’s GottaLaff time… Laffy and I had some fun with FloriDUH, Mike Huckabee’s hypocrisy and more!

Tomorrow, we celebrate our 5th anniversary as an internet-only, standalone show here at Radio or Not (that’s what I call putting lipstick on a pig…). But it sure beats working for Clear Channel!