I never did get around to posting yesterday’s show … while on the air I got a call to guest host the Randi Rhodes Show yesterday afternoon – and then had to take my kid to her softball game the minute I got back home.  Needless to say, the day got away from me.

So… links I promised:  Click for the audio from Wednesday’s Supreme Court hearing on the Voting Rights Act. Click here for the transcript to follow along.

And here’s Nicole Belle’s “Fools on the Hill” write up:

There are times that you watch the Sunday shows and you think, “They can’t get more stupid than this.”

And then they invite Dennis Rodman to come on to discuss his basketball diplomacy with North Korea and you realized, no, they really can get more stupid.

[8 minute clip, but the kicker is probably the every end where Rodman says “Don’t hate me”, about 5-6 minutes in)

Or they give Mitt and Ann Romney another post-election opportunity to blame anyone other than themselves for losing the election. In Ann’s case, she thinks it’s because of the liberal media.

And then there is the stupidity of CPAC, which for some reason, is of great interest inside the Beltway. More specifically, they’re interested in who doesn’t get invited. Matthew Dowd, former strategist for President George W. Bush, says that CPAC has diminished their credibility for continuing to invite that celebrity on her 14th minute, Sarah Palin and not inviting the Great (Big) Hope for the 2016 election, Chris Christie.

And David Gregory, for whom no Republican talking point is too ridiculous to accept, doesn’t point out to Speaker John Boehner that the whole reasoning behind the sequester was to make a default deal so unpalatable to both parties that they’d stop playing these games and get some stuff done. Instead, John Boehner tells Gregory that he doesn’t know if it’s going to hurt the economy. Cutting spending, resulting in massive job losses and Boehner doesn’t know if it will hurt the economy? Maybe he needs a refresher in basic economics.

Or John McCain and Lindsey Graham (yes, again!) tell Bob Schieffer that despite getting absolutely no traction on the Benghazi scandal (and already caving on their threatened filibuster of Chuck Hagel) that they’re still willing to hang up the nomination of John Brennan to the CIA until they get some answers on Benghazi. Now I think there are plenty of reasons to object to Brennan, but the Benghazi non-troversy isn’t one of them.

And finally, columnist Kathleen Parker tells David Gregory that the Republicans just can’t give any more on taxes, because it would “damage their brand.” Screw the country, protect the party. That’s today’s GOP.