10-16-14 News Notes

TRNS News Notes is brought to you by Victoria Jones. Victoria Jones is the Chief White House correspondent and global analyst of the Washington DC based Talk Radio News Service, where her insight and analysis are made available to over 400 news talk radio stations around the country and internationally. In the News Ebola patient flew on jet: Why? Obama cancels travel - again Ebola hearing today: "We made mistakes" Hospital: More emergency dept problems Obama: Push out info "as aggressively as possible" Pols weigh in (natch) Panic! Don't panic! A mission name! "Operation Inherent Resolve" There are still no [...]

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Here We Go Again…

  I'm back from my working vacation - Randi Rhodes was on vacation and I worked for her.  And for that I am truly grateful! So much happened over the past two weeks - from the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington and Dr. King's world-changing "I Have a Dream" speech to President Obama's determination to bomb Syria.  Some things just don't make sense, and we'll explore them on the show this morning. I'm here early to give you the links to a few articles we'll talk about on the show this morning. First, from a little-known (before now) [...]

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