The 3000 Pound Elephant in the Room

Amid the calls for civility in discourse, the right continues to defend their use of violent rhetoric, claiming it was not the cause of Jared Loughners murderous rampage in Tucson. The question that needs to be asked, over and over again, is "When is enough enough?"  Is it when the next crazed gunman does site Glenn Beck's classroom teaching or Sarah Palin's instructions to "Don't Retreat - Reload!" as their prime motivation?  After more have been gunned down and innocent children are lying bloody in the street? The right got so defensive in the wake of the AZ shootings because [...]

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Words Have Consequences

Words have consequences.  That's an ongoing lesson I reiterate to my 11-year old daughter on an almost daily basis. Someone should try to get that message across to those who think it's ok to use gun imagery or violent rhetoric in their political discourse. I took some heat from the right this weekend after tweeting "Sarah Palin has blood on her hands today."  They accused me of "politicizing" a tragedy. Call it what you will... all I was doing was pointing out that words have consequences. If you publish a map with gun sites as targets over Congressional districts with [...]

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