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I have to make this post quick, as I’m heading out the door to drive to Randi Rhodes‘ West Palm Beach studio to guest host her show this afternoon…. so I’m just going to tell you who was on the show this morning, who’ll join me this afternoon, and what you need to do right now!

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s horrible ruling in January 2012 on Citizens United, and its equally heinous decision on Monday in overturning the ruling on the Montana Supreme Court that disallowed corporate money from political elections, I invited Move to Amend’s David Cobb on the show today.  We spent most of the second hour discussing what we need to do to keep this fledgling democratic republic from the point of no return on its march to plutocracy. 

Do two things now… listen to our interview by clicking above, and go to, and sign the petition and get involved! By the way, David Cobb will also join me Friday on the Randi Rhodes Show, so be sure to tune in then too!

In the first hour, I spoke with Dennis Marker, author of Fifteen Steps to Corporate Feudalism: How the Ruck Convinced America’s Middle Class to Eliminate Themselves, From Ronald Reagan to the Tea Party Movement.

This Afternoon on the Randi Rhodes Show

I’m honored to be guest hosting for Randi again today through next Tuesday!  Today, I’ll speak with Washington’s First District congressional candidate Darcy Burner about the controversy and attacks against her after her keynote at Netroots Nation in which she asked women who’d like to come out of the closet about having an abortion to stand, and for the rest of us to stand with them.

You really should atch the whole thing, but the relevant portion begins at about 9:45:

Former and Future Congressman Alan Grayson will weigh in on what the Supreme Court did on Monday and what they will do tomorrow. And today’s moneybomb day at, so give if you can.  We need Grayson back in Congress!

And finally, what do our seniors know about medical marijuana?  Robert Platshorn, former pot smuggler who spent decades in prison, emerged to launch The Silver Tour to teach them all about it.