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1602, 2024

2-16-24 Emptywheel Friday

     From Special Counsel David Weiss's bs case against Hunter Biden falling apart after his big witness, Alexander Smirnov, was arrested and charged with making it all up(!) to a photo of sawdust on a table saw that they claimed was cocaine to Fani Willis on the stand defending her right to a modicum of privacy and more, Marcy Wheeler of emptywheel.net is here to tell all in our regular Friday get together. Buckle in. It's a wild ride! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PsxFW0GaXo&t=544s

1502, 2024

I’m back from Vacation and Howie Klein’s Here Too – Nicole Sandler Show 2-15-24

     I spent the last week enjoying my daughter's first visit to Arizona and honestly did my best to steer clear of the news as much as possible. She left last night and I've been catching up. Oh my, the shit really has hit the fan all week, and today is no exception. As I'm writing this and setting up today's show, Fani Willis is on the stand in Fulton County, GA in a suit brought by Trump allies attempting to have her removed from the case due to her alleged misconduct with a prosecutor she hired for [...]

702, 2024

New News, Old News, Lots of News and Then Some… Nicole Sandler Show 2-7-24

     When it rains it pours, and I'm not even in California anymore. After yesterday's long-awaited decision on the former guy's non-immunity, there was another opportunity to almost feel sorry for Republicans. The new, inexperienced and in-over-his-head Speaker of the House learned nothing from his Democratic predecessor who NEVER brought a vote to the floor without knowing she had the votes to win, lost... spectacularly. Of course, the assist goes to Rep Al Green of Texas, who left his hospital bed to vote, causing a tie, and another GQP loss. When I get through the new news, we'll [...]

602, 2024

No Immunity For TFG and a Tues Visit from Emptywheel- Nicole Sandler Show 2-6-24

   Because of big breaking news this morning, Marcy 'Emptywheel' Wheeler makes a special Tuesday appearance on the show to talk about the decision by the DC Circuit Court of Appeals on TFG's claims of 'absolute presidential immunity.' As we knew, there is no such thing, and the bipartisan three-judge panel ruled so unanimously, releasing their decision this morning. Since I'm on vacation for a week after tomorrow, Marcy Wheeler jumped on the Zoom with me this morning to discuss what it all means. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3GmSYezNpY

502, 2024

The F#cking News with Jonathan Larsen – Nicole Sandler Show for Monday 2-5-24

     Jonathan Larsen has spent many years in the progressive news broadcast biz -- you knew him before you knew him from Countdown with Keith Olbermann and Up with Chris Hayes on MSNBC, and Morning Sedition and The Rachel Maddow Show on Air America Radio, and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, to name just a few of his credits. Now he's back with an imperative newsletter, The Fucking News (thefuckingnews.substack.com). And he joins me each Monday for a recap and a preview of what happened last week and what might and could happen in the week just [...]

202, 2024

Emptywheel Fridays! Marcy Wheeler joins Nicole Sandler 2-2-24

     Every Friday we get together with Marcy Wheeler who does real journalism over at emptywheel.net to get the latest on the various trials, hearing, indictments, and drama surrounding the failed, twice impeached former guy who once again wants to occupy the oval office (but is really only running because he sees it as his only way to stay out of jail). Today, Marcy explains the story she singularly broke regarding the warrants issued in the Hunter Biden so-called investigation and lots more. For some reason, the YouTube stream got horribly corrupted, so here's the clean version of [...]

3101, 2024

What’s News Wednesday on the Nicole Sandler Show – 1-31-24

 There's a potpourri of news today, so we'll attempt to cover as much of it as possible. From Taylor Swift causing Republicans to lose their collective shit, to a shit show in the senate as social media CEOs get a taste of their own harassment. No guest today, so it's up to you to weigh in on all that's going on in our opposite world.  Anything goes.

3001, 2024

1-30-24 Nicole Sandler Show – Let’s Try This Again with Brian Karem

Shit happens. Last Wednesday, we were expecting journalist Brian Karem to pop into the Zoom room at any moment. That moment never came. When I invited Brian on the show, he told me that he had pool duty that day, but should be on the tarmac at LAX where he could jump on the air with me while waiting for the Vice President to get back to the plane. Unfortunately, the Secret Service had a different idea that day, and Brian was unable to join us. So we'll try again today when, I think, he'll be in a more [...]

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